Frequency Coordination

Your Chapter 33 SBE Frequency Coordinator is Russ Hines, CSRE.  He is currently updating the Part 74 database for our area.  Check here for news and updates on frequency coordination matters.

Thanks go to Tom Nornhold for his years of service as our area’s SBE Frequency Coordinator.  Thanks, Tom.

Part 74 Info

The correct FCC Form to use for application for ANY Part 74 Broadcast Auxiliary station license is Form 601 and the appropriate additional schedules:

Broadcast Auxiliary – Land Mobile (Part 74)

For Remote Pick-up (RP), Low Power (LP) or Wireless Assist Video Devices (LV)

    1) FCC 601 Main Form – WTB Radio Service Authorization
    2) Schedule D – Schedule for Station Locations and Antenna Structures
    3) Schedule H – Technical Data Schedule for the Private Land Mobile and Broadcast Auxiliary Land Mobile Radio Services (Parts 90 and 74)

Broadcast Auxiliary – Microwave (Part 74)

For Aural Intercity Relay (AI), Aural Microwave Booster (AB), Aural Studio Transmitter Link (AS),
TV Intercity Relay (TI), TV Microwave Booster (TB), TV Pickup (TP), TV Studio Transmitter Link (TS), and TV Translator Relay (TT)

    1) FCC 601 Main Form – WTB Radio Service Authorization
    2) Schedule I – Technical Data Schedule for the Fixed Microwave and Microwave Broadcast Auxiliary Radio Services (Parts 101 and 74)

NOTE: FCC Form 313 has been obsoleted.


FCC Form 601 and all Schedules

Coordination News

FCC Takes On RPU/BAS Improvements, Radio Magazine article, February 19, 2015

Overhaul of Remote Pick-up Rules, Radio Magazine article, March 25, 2015