To All SBE 33 Members (originally posted December 28, 2017)

Jeff Johnson has offered his resignation as Vice Chairman of SBE-33. Many thanks to Jeff for his many years of service to this chapter, and best wishes to him for the future.

Jerry Erwin CBT, Supervisor of Engineering Maintenance at WLWT-TV has been nominated to replace Jeff as Vice Chairman beginning 2018. Jerry has served for the past 10 years at WLWT-TV and was formerly with Harris Broadcasting. Jerry will be assisting me with locating interesting speakers, topics and venues for our meetings. If you have any suggestions, please let us know..

Our Secretary/Treasurer, George MacKnight with ThinkTV, and myself as Chairman are running unopposed.

We will hold an election at the next meeting, January 10th at 6:30PM at the Olive Garden in Middletown. If any members object to this slate of officers and cannot be present at the meeting, please email myself and George prior to the meeting. Absent an objection, your consent and affirmative vote will be implied.

More good news. Mary Schnelle with Broadcast General Store has volunteered to assist in soliciting sponsors for SBE-33 including ads on our website. If you know of any vendors who would like to reach our members and support our local SBE Chapter, please have them contact me or Mary via email.

Lastly, we need a volunteer to assume the duties of proctor for SBE Exams to replace Fred Stone. I expect a huge volume of emails responding to this request which may temporarily overwhelm Gmail, so please be patient if yours gets kicked back on the first couple tries.


Jim Stitt CPBE
SBE-33 Chair

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